Medusa is a one player arcade platformer created in less than one week.

The game was made for the Construct2 Jam of April2015 (Theme : 'Coin-Op') and is a tribute to the old arcade games like Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros, Parasol Star, Rodland...etc.

You control Medusa, trying to defend her lair, invaded by soldiers.

Your weapon is your eyes! On each level, you have to change all the enemies into stone, then break them on a wall (or on another statue).

But BE CAREFUL! If the time runs out, Perseus enters the place and you better avoid him if you want to keep your head!


Keyboard controls :

  • Arrow keys : MOVE / JUMP
  • Space bar : CHARM / TAKE / THROW

Joypad controls :

  • Analog Stick or Digital pad : MOVE
  • A button : JUMP
  • X button : CHARM / TAKE / THROW

*There's probably a few bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience.


WARNING : You computer needs to be WebGL compatible.